Gateshead fans

Statement in response to the appointment of two directors at Gateshead FC

Following the earlier announcement that Gateshead FC had appointed two new Directors, the Gateshead FC Soul is releasing the following statement:

We have grave concerns with these appointments, particularly with Mr Nigel Harrop due to his well-publicised failings at Ilkeston Town which accumulated in its insolvency. A further concern of press-worthy note is that Dr Ranjan Varghese still states the club is up for sale…….

We feel we have been lied to over this process and that the owners have been far from transparent with their intentions.

At the official Open Mic Evening, hosted by Mathew Raisbeck and Chaired by the then Director Mike Williams back in January, concerns were raised about a company called ‘Belper FC Academy Ltd’ which had changed its name to ‘Gateshead FC Academy Ltd’ and that Mr Nigel Harrop was a director of both. We were categorically told that he had nothing to do with our club.

Fast forward 4 months and he has now been appointed as a Director of Gateshead FC Ltd. Which is yet another example of the lies we are having to endure.

Nothing is clear or transparent with this regime and we strongly feel they are not fit to be involved with OUR once great club. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this unless they sell as promised.

We will continue to demonstrate during and after the game tomorrow, a game that we feel may be the last for Gateshead FC in our current guise and certainly the last that many will attend whilst this regime is still here.

We will, however, support the lads on the pitch along with Ben Clark and his excellent backroom staff.

We need to consider our position on where we go from here, and that includes the prospect of having no other alternative but to form a Phoenix Club to get this club back to where it belongs, with the Fans. For which initial feedback has been well received from fans and positive from parties concerned.

To that end, we are holding an Open Meeting on Wednesday the 1st May from 7:30 pm at the Pelaw Social Club and we encourage all fans, new and old, to make every effort to attend. You do not need to be a member of the Soul to attend.

The amount of progress achieved in the last few weeks has been tremendous and we now have over 50 Full Subscribers to The Gateshead FC Soul Association.

Together we can overcome this toxic regime whilst taking control of OUR Club to create a positive future for OUR Community Club.

Let’s get behind the lads tomorrow, let your feelings be known and come along to what could be our last ever End of Season Awards evening. Which is being hosted by ourselves on behalf of Gateshead FC, starting from 7pm tomorrow at the Pelaw Social Club.

We will overcome, we will move on.
Onwards & Upwards.