Gateshead Soul v ‘James Kellet’ – Fundraiser Saboteur

On the evening of Monday 6 May 2019, the Gateshead Soul ‘Help Gateshead Fans Rebuild Their Football Club’ Go Fund Me Campaign was the victim of attempted sabotage.

Shortly after the genuine Gateshead Soul Go Fund Me page surpassed £8,000 in donations, a Facebook profile by the name of ‘James Kellet’ posted on the Vanarama National League Banter Page with a link to a new Go Fund Me Page aimed at raising funds to help the current Gateshead Football Club.

This post criticised our attempts at raising money to form a new club and save football in Gateshead, which made several GENUINE Gateshead fans immediately suspicious.

One of the benefits of being a small fan base is that we tend to be familiar with one another yet no one had ever heard of the name ‘James Kellet’ in relation to Gateshead FC nor recognised the account’s profile picture.

It quickly became apparent that ‘James Kellet’ and the Go Fund Me page he set up were completely fake.

The profile picture used can be found here under the name Louis Davila. The profile’s banner image was also updated to a picture of the International Stadium exterior just moments before making the post promoting the fraudulent Go Fund Me page.

Gateshead Soul has contacted Louis Davila – whose picture was used on the ‘James Kellet’ profile – and will be contacting the police ourselves.

At this moment in time, we cannot say for certain who was behind this mean spirited and pathetic attempt to derail our fundraising efforts. However, if it does have anything to do with the club’s current ownership, this is a new low even for them.

Our very own Tracie Wilson, who set-up the genuine Go Fund Me page (, was reduced to tears by this malicious effort to belittle and discredit all of the hard work put into the campaign so far.

All we want is a Gateshead football team to be proud of that isn’t run by people who lie, cheat and con their way through life using a range of devious and disingenuous methods.

This incident further proves just what we’re up against as Gateshead fans and hopefully we can use it as another chance to galvanise our fundraising efforts.

So please, be sure to help the Heed Army rebuild their club and donate what you can:

UPDATE: Thanks to the quick and collective effort of the Heed Army, the James Kellet account has since been closed, the fake Go Fund Me page is no longer active and the police have been informed.

We greatly appreciate your continued support, let’s keep it going and save football in Gateshead!

Gateshead Soul Supporters Association