Gateshead Soul race night 2020

Gateshead Soul 2020 race night roundup

Huge thank you to all those who came along and supported us on Saturday night at the Saltwell Club in Gateshead for our annual race night. We hope you had plenty of fun and got lucky with some of the races.

A massive shoutout again to the great Keiran Bowe and Liam Rewcastle who entertained us all night long with a mixture of new original music and classic covers. Cheers lads!

We raised just over one thousand pounds, which is a great achievement. Thanks to all those who sponsored horses, races and even jockey's. It's greatly appreciated and also a good laugh, see for yourself:

1, Gateshead Fell Cricket Club Cricket Club Stumpy Stakes

  1. A Whip
  2. Emily’s Star
  3. Little Leo (Jockey: Keith McNall)
  4. Lip Up Brodie
  5. Tony the Tory WINNER
  6. The Marras (Jockey: Fat Les)
  7. Papa Lazaroo (Jockey: Jockey Wilson)
  8. Local Horse for Local People (Jockey: Royston Vasey)

2, Gateshead Yakkers Handicap

  1. Nine in a row
  2. Simon J’s Carpets 
  3. I’m getting a word (Jockey: Fat controller)
  4. Sams New Jacket (Jockey: Best of Bensham)
  5. Ancestral Goldcrest 
  6. Award-Winning Kitman WINNER
  7. Weddles Donkey (Jockey: Wynn-Davies)
  8. Gateshead’s Theroux  

3, The Mick Thornton Stakes 

  1. Is it, Trish or Tracie
  2. Henry the Horse
  3. You’re my horse now
  4. Whiskers (Jockey: MOB) WINNER
  5. Poor Philip 
  6. Fergus for Freedom
  7. Sarah’s Skateboard (Jockey: Step Daddy Mob)
  8. Back from the dead

4, Gateshead Central Stakes

  1. The Wedding Present
  2. Mrs Thatcher
  3. West Posh Heed Army
  4. Got a license WINNER
  5. Chloe’s Skie
  6. Tommy
  7. Horse
  8. Ross Black’s Dusty Hairline 

5, Gateshead Central Novice Handicap

  1. Jacky
  2. Old Greg
  3. Chloe’s Corona
  4. I’ve got no name
  5. Just a horse
  6. Beast of Bensham
  7. Simon J’s Twisted T
  8. Not Taken (WINNER)

6, Gateshead Central Taxi’s Gold Cup

  1. Rebecca is the boss (WINNER)
  2. Joaquin Pheonix 
  3. Is number 10 Horse
  4. Kayode’s Mysterious top
  5. God do I know
  6. Poor Philip 
  7. Heed Army Horse
  8. TAF King

Raffle Winners:

Signed Josh Kayode 19/20 Gateshead FC home Shirt: David Kenny

Bottle of Alcoholic beverage: Paula Chapman

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