Gateshead FC Budget Booster

Launch of Gateshead FC Budget Booster

It’s just over a year since the Gateshead Soul and many others played a key role in hauling Gateshead Football Club back from the brink.

Those dark days and the constant worry that we would lose our football club will live with us for a long time and we must do all we can to ensure that they remain a distant memory as we move forward in our next chapter as a fan led football club.

Through careful financial management and planning, our football club is in a far healthier position – but through no fault of their own, they are facing unforeseen challenges as the coronavirus epidemic continues to impact on every walk of life.

As a result, the Gateshead Soul believe that we should try to provide additional support where possible.

After careful consideration and lengthy discussions, we have decided to launch a crowdfunding page to allow supporters to help boost the budget that will be available to Mike Williamson and Ian Watson as they look to build on a very promising first season in charge.

The club will continue to meet other running costs, just as every other football club in the country will try to do in the face of an unprecedented situation.

But we want to ensure that the fine work carried out by the management team over the last year does not go to waste and that they are ready to hit the ground running for the next chapter as a fan led club when it is safe for football to return to the International Stadium.

We have liaised with club to provide a range of rewards in return for your donation.


You can find the crowdfunder by clicking the link here: