Gateshead Soul Working Committee meeting on 13th March, 2019
Pelaw Social Club

Attendees: Bernard McWilliams, David Gaddess, David Kenny, Ross Black, Simon Lowery, Karl McInnes, Tracie Wilson, Emily Fawcus, Patrick Chapman, Paula Chapman, Alan Weddle, Loius Avery, Ken Richardson, Alan Price, Rob Best, Kevin Youll, Josh Youll, Ronne Spraggon

Apologies: Tony Carter

Brief summary of discussion:

  • Review of minutes of previous meeting: all invited to read through minutes to highlight anything inappropriate etc. Feedback given to TW to make amendments.
  • Update on events of past week: BM shared details of meeting with Joe Cala which resulted in protests been postponed and the club being put up for sale.

BM and TC to take the lead in working with Alisha Henry regarding prospective new owners. [Met with Joe Cala 14/3/19 ahead of potential meetings next week and signed non-disclosure agreement]

  • RS shared his experiences at the club with the group.
  • RS shared total currently in ex Supporters Club account (£1800).
  • Merchandise update: RB and DA shared images of potential merchandise including t-shirts and wristbands. Samples will be ready for the next meeting.
  • Website: DK shared costs for the website and a domain name was agreed [Website costs have been paid by Gateshead Soul funds].
  • DK suggested a card machine would be useful asset for merchandise sales, donations etc. RS to find out if current bank account would allow us to use this plus Paypal for online sales.
  • Supporters Association to be launched at next meeting (21/3/19). Set up arrangements discussed – standing orders, membership forms etc. AW to investigate constitutions [SFS have been in touch with him with examples] as this is needed before we can proceed.
  • Events: April 6 Race Night. April 27 End of Season party - team invited. Both can be hosted by Pelaw Social Club.
  • Volunteers needed to help with events and website.