Gateshead Soul Extended Committee meeting on 22nd January, 2020
Pelaw Social Club

Attendees: Alan Weddle, Paula Chapman, Emily Fawcuss, Dave Allen, Alan Price, Sam Jupp, David Kenny, Ian Wilson, Tracie Wilson, Ross Black, Mark Walton, Steven Thornton (chair)

Apologies: Bernard McWilliams, Louis Avery,  Joseph Wilson

Trust Update

We have received confirmation that we are now a cooperative and community benefits society meaning, amongst other things, we can officially hold shares. ST to arrange a meeting with the exec committee and Gareth from the FSA to clarify next steps as there are a number of procedures to be followed. The status carries a lot of rules and regulations and we need to be certain which are applicable and how to put them into practice. 

Clarification on Club Ownership and Soul Funding of club

A member submitted the following question via email:

“Can I raise an issue? Two different people spoke to me this month about the ownership of the club and neither really understood who owns it, believing it was run solely by the Soul (the others being sponsors). There was also a suggestion that there is still not enough detail about how we are spending donations. “

ST contacted Neil Pinkerton for a response:

The club is owned by a consortium of local businessmen and the Soul:

Trevor Clark, Laurence Dinning, Mark Nellist, Neil Pinkerton (on behalf of the Soul) and Gareth Mordey  (not listed on Companies House).

There’s only one bank account associated with the club and all funds go through it to keep the club running.  So it would be impossible to pinpoint what it is spent on apart from ‘a bit of everything’.

We are not flush but not in debt and there are no concerns from the NL or the FA. We’re about as far off their radar as you can be.

Bank Account Update

Treasurer Alan Weddle now has full access to the bank account. He will arrange for monthly financial statements to be presented to the committee and apply any special measures required by our trust status.

Membership Update

There are approximately 150 full and junior members at present. Some memberships have lapsed through cancellation payment so we need to try and re-engage with these former subscribers. We need to push to reach 200 members by the summer - hopefully, the new trust status will generate interest.

Our membership secretary Karl McInnes made the decision to leave us - we’d like to thank him for all his efforts whilst in the role.

Merchandise Update and Online Store

Following the success of our bobble hats, an order for beanie hats has been submitted and hopefully will be available for the Leamington home game on February 1st.

ST has worked with Square (our card payment provider) and Kim Wright (our merchandise supplier) to create an online store which can be accessed via our website. Hopefully, this will be launched by the end of the month.

Sundays Event / Future Event

Our Bar Games day will take place on 26th January at the Grey Nags Head - the date was changed to give more people the chance to attend and the opportunity for us to make money. Lynn (manager) will be providing a buffet - we will pay half of the costs. RB outlined the plan for the day and asked that everyone promotes the event on social media etc.

Our next event is a Race Night in March for which we may need a venue - please let RB know of any suggestions.

Upcoming we have our end of season awards night and the Wembley reunion. RB to update next meeting.

Quiz night

The quiz will return to the Grey Nags Head on February 6th. We hope to be able to remain there in future once the new tenants take over.

Any other business.

AP updated us on his idea for a Gateshead Hall of Fame. This is likely to be unveiled at a summer event. Members will be able to vote on who they want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame with new entries each year. All agreed this is a great suggestion.


Some members are unhappy that they don’t receive regular updates from us and we no longer have open meetings. The meetings were changed to be incorporated into the quiz nights as interest in the larger gatherings was dwindling. DK suggested we put together a monthly newsletter with points from minutes, fund-raising updates etc and all agreed this is something we need to introduce. We hope to share our first newsletter following the event on Sunday.

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