Gateshead Soul Extended Committee meeting on 30th October, 2019
Pelaw Social Club

Attendees: Bernard McWilliams, Karl McInnes, David Allen, Tracie Wilson, Ian Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Steven Thornton, Alan Weddle, Mark Walton, Mickey Barrass, Josh Youll, Kevin Youll, Louis Avery

Brief summary of discussion


Currently campaigning to get 200 members by the end of the season. JY has been working on a promotional video and has interviewed Soul members and club staff - this will hopefully be released ahead of the upcoming FA Cup game.

At the beginning of October there were 150 members bringing in approximately £1500 a month. There are still around 40 potential members who signed up but didn’t set up standing orders - KM will follow these up.


Demand has quietened off but the facility to take card payments and operate an online store is now available. This gives options for people to buy not only merchandise but membership, travel etc. DA to look at acquiring ‘stocking filler’ items e.g toys, mugs, pens, wallets etc.


We still do not have access to the bank account but have been able to get access to up to date statements.


Next quiz takes place on November 7th. Please help to promote as more people means more money raised - there is the potential to raise up to £200 on the night.

Soul desk on matchdays:

Volunteers and availability was asked for in order to create a rota to make sure Soul members are manning the desk before each home game. Matchday presence is a great opportunity to reach out to potential members as well as providing income through sales of badges and other merchandise. Please let TW know if you can help. Volunteers are in place for upcoming Saturday and Tuesday games.

FA Cup:

Oldham have requested 1800 tickets and will be using the South Stand due to problems with the East Stand roof. We also expect 1500-2000 home fans so the Club are looking for additional help to staff ticket entrances and sell programmes and 50/50s. We hope to be able to invite all junior members to be mascots on the day.

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