For all of the multi-millionaire or billionaire owners that keep a firm grip on our national game – football clubs really belong to those that wear it proudly within their heart and soul. 

The ones that spend their hard-earned money travelling around the country, following their heroes through wind, snow, rain, sun and hail.

The ones that are drained of blood, sweat and tears as the game continues to polarise the emotions in a way that we spend our lives trying to explain – but without really being able to do so. 

Supporting a football club brings a sense of belonging, a community, a camaraderie, a spirit of togetherness behind one love and one passionate cause.

Within the last year, Gateshead was almost stripped of its football club by the disastrous ownership of Dr Ranjan Varghese and his ‘financial advisor’ Joseph Cala.

We almost lost it all.

The town and the North East came within 72 hours of seeing its highest-ranked non-league football club condemned to the history books by a whole host of catastrophic decisions made by men that should never have been allowed anywhere near the Gateshead International Stadium.

The authorities let the people of Gateshead down – but we didn’t just sit back and take it.

As the likes of Mike Williamson, Scott Barrow and JJ O’Donnell led the fight on the pitch, we went into battle behind the scenes.

And so, Gateshead Soul was formed.

We refused to let Wor Club die, we refused to let the work of the likes of Graham Wood, Mike Coulson and Brian Waites slip away like sand through our hands.

It is Wor Club in every sense of the word now.

We rallied, we got together, we battled and scrapped, and we at Gateshead Football Club are now proud to call ourselves supporter-owned.

Since the club was officially taken over in the summer, we have looked to forge stronger links with the local community and we are playing a significant role rebuilding Wor Club on and off the pitch after we were punished for the discretions of the previous regime with an enforced relegation.

Soul membership is imperative to Wor club. It doesn’t matter whether you donate financially or by offering up your valuable time, it’s the togetherness and being a part of something special, coupled with the drive and determination to make this great club the pillar of our community for generations to come.

Neil Pinkerton - Gateshead FC Chairman

Help us rebuild Gateshead Football Club.

For just £10 a month, you can play your part in the financial running of Wor club, you can help us act as an independent voice for supporters and promote the club in the town and around the North East. 

Please visit our sign up page by clicking here or speak to any of the Soul representatives you may see at the games.

Without your support, we may slip back and lose direct representation and ownership of Wor club.

We are together – united as Supporters / Owners / Players / Staff / Volunteers 

We are ONE and we are STRONGER than ever.

Website: gfcsoul.co.uk / Email: gfcsoul@gmail.com

Twitter: @GatesheadFCSoul : Facebook: Facebook.com/GatesheadFCSoul/

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